With Each Mistake, We Grow. A Brief Introduction.

With Each Mistake, We Grow. A Brief Introduction.
Hello everybody!
My name is Matt Coonan and I am the owner and founder of Oddly Creative Design. OCD started as an idea with a friend of mine to make some extra money on the side. I come from an art background and have a good knowledge of computers and software. I taught myself how to use design software and began coming up with the initial designs--which were lackluster, at best. As we began our journey, I soon found out that not all businesses are created equal. Many of the places that I dealt with treated us as though we were an inconvenience. I was cast aside many times and given sub-par products. As many small business owners know, these days, money doesn't come easy so I was very much dissatisfied with how I was treated.....on to the next one.
With each misstep, we learn and grow.
After my previous experience, I opened up several wholesale accounts to purchase my own inventroy. The next company, I will call Company #1, I worked with made me feel more important (at first) and sold me on the idea of "you pay a little more for better quality." With my background in auto sales, I was on-board with this idea. Learning from my previous experience, I also was looking into a second local company, which I will call Company #2. I love the idea of keeping my business local. I want to help build the community that I live in.....but I digress. Company #1 was all about updated designs and higher end products. Company #2 was about quality and affordability. I continued to work with both companies as they both offered something different. Company #2 continued with their consistent quality and affordability while Company #1 started to make me feel like an inconvenience--and I was not seeing where the "you pay a little more for better quality" was paying off. 
Misstep number two. Another lesson learned.
Each time I learned from my mistakes (or other's, as it seemed), I took another aspect of my business into my own hands. This led me to purchasing my first vinyl cutter. I figured that I was no longer going to be dependent on someone else for my success. Not only did this free me up to explore more creative options that were previously not available to me, it allowed me to take small custom orders that I had to turn away before, and I was able to provide a higher quality product at a more affordable price. Taking all aspects of my business into my own hands allowed me to improve quality control as well.
What makes Oddly Creative Design different?
With all of the "lessons" that I've learned along the way, and with my extensive background in sales and customer service, I have learned that the one thing a LOT of businesses are lacking these days is customer service. This is where OCD shines! I pride myself on having excellent customer service and the idea I will always strive for with my business is to have a great quality product at an affordable price. I have learned that it is better to treat each customer with kindness and professionalism while offering them a unique product that won't break the bank. I was taught by a manager of mine when I first started in the auto industry: under promise and over deliver! (Thank you Mr. Blakley) OCD will go above and beyond to ensure each customer is completely satisfied with their products. Sometimes things are unavoidable (we are all human) and there will be those that just cannot be pleased.
As OCD grows, we will be offering more products to our customers. We are currently working with a new salon to help with their store-front and merchandising. We have the capability of lettering vehicles for personal and commercial purposes. We make decals, business cards, and many other custom designed products for many uses. And, of course, we offer custom designed apparel for any occasion! This is what I love to do! I love seeing the smile on someone's face when I present them with their finished product....from an idea or a saying that they had in their mind. There is nothing better than having an idea in your head and actually being able to see it in physical form. That is what OCD is all about--taking your ideas and bringing them to life! Like these examples of custom onesies that Carlene wanted for her twins:


I hope that OCD is able to grow and provide many great products to the surrounding community in which I live and work. The dream of dreams is to be successful enough to have a sustainable business for years to come. I look forward to all of the new designs OCD will create and all of the relationships that will be made. I will also be working on a line of local-centric designs for the Greater Bay Region....details to follow in the coming weeks (thanks Mr. Parker). If you've taken the time to read this, please help me out and take the time to visit and share the Oddly Creative Design website: oddlycreativedesign.com. You can also connect with OCD on Facebook, Twitter, and on Instagram.
I am looking forward to what the future brings!
Warmest regards,
Matt Coonan
Oddly Creative Design

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